Dust Extraction

Exhaust gas extraction
Dust extraction from sanding?

Vacuum the sanding dust and sanding dust means eliminating waste of these processes. The dust extraction is performed when it is produced (Preger choice) or after the end of processing.

Dust extraction second Future?

Our company produces systems for the extraction of dust from sanding and polishing. Our systems provide dust extraction at the same time they are produced. This technique minimizes the spread of dust into the environment by improving the living conditions of the workplace. Based on the characteristics and needs of your company can provide centralized dust extraction systems, with stand-alone products on a column or industrial vacuum cleaners trolley. I expect all of our systems on and off the hood of the turbine at tool use pneumatic or electric you know it. This feature allows reduced power consumption because of the aspiration group and filtration is started only when there is a real need.

Why dustm extraction in your business?

There are several reasons for vacuuming dust carteggiattura and / or grinding in your business.
Is there a health reason: The fine dust produced during sanding and polishing processes can be breathed or come into contact with skin and eyes causing distraction of operators and, over time, serious damage to health. Vacuum dust from the working area is to improve working conditions and lives of corporate employees.
Legal Administrative exists a reason: There are a number of rules and laws that require the company to provide tools that safeguard the health of workers. The central vacuum cleaning systems are among the dust from sanding tools. In the event that a company is not equipped with safety devices required by law may incur penalties (including criminal).
There is a reason the organization: A dust-free working environment can be organized and managed in a better way to increase product quality. Note: For companies of considerable size of the solution with a central vacuum cleaning system is preferred compared to a stand-alone machines with multiple fixed or mobile, distributed in various areas of work. The central vacuum systems allow better management of the recovery of the powder (collected in a single point) and a better organization of space.

Dust extraction system: To whom our systems are designed?

The dust collection systems are available to companies that perform operations in their production process of sanding or polishing of dry materials. Among these companies, for example, there are body shops, the carpenters, and shipyards.

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The area is within the dust collection devices. Depending on the needs of your company we can offer a range of dedicated products. Flowing below you can find out which are the main products of our company for the aspiration of dust: